A New home …

December 18, 2007

This blog, The Mac Track, has moved to themactrack.com


Christmas Apple Advert

December 14, 2007

Apple have launched a new ad for the festive season 🙂

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Keeping software up to date

December 14, 2007

Most of us have a wide range of applications installed on our Macs. A lot of them are self-updating either when you load them or if you instruct them to look for updates using one of their built-in menu options. Additionally, the Apple Software Update service takes care of keeping the OS updated automatically (accessed via Apple Logo menu item located in the far left of each menu bar).

Wouldn’t it be great to have a tool that combines all of the above, plus also managing updates to ALL your applications in one place?

Well, now you can with the website iusethis and it’s associated program AppFresh


Simply register with the website, run the application and you get a custom-built report on your applications and if there’s a newer version available. Where possible you can also initiate a download of the updated application.

The site covers Applications, Apple OS, widgets, plug-ins and preference panes.

It’s a great one-stop-shop to keep your Apple Mac as fresh as a daisy 🙂

If you don’t like the idea of a 3rd party application examining your system then there’s even a manual version: simply search for the application on the website and add it to your profile.

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News Flash: BBC iPlayer live for Mac

December 13, 2007

The BBC iPlayer is now live and available for Apple Mac users

BBC iPlayer

Visit the BBC website to see the new iPlayer
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BBC iPlayer for Mac launching on Christmas Day

December 11, 2007

Updated 11th December 2007: Further reports confirm the BBC’s plan to launch iPlayer on Christmas Day so the Queen’s speech can be viewed along with the rest of the Christmas Day schedule. Mac and Linux users will be able to access the BBC’s content, finally 🙂

09/12/02: Rumours are afoot that the Mac/Linux version of the BBC iPlayer will be launching on Christmas Day, 25th December 2007. Whilst this would be great if true, it seems a slightly odd choice of day when support teams etc will be their holiday break etc. I’m sceptical but would be more than happy to be proved wrong.

Stay tuned, more info as and when I get it …

The BBC iPlayer (for Windows only – at the moment) can be found at here

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Updated 11th Dec 2007 with link to one of the sites showing the rumours.
Updated 10th Dec 2007 with link to one of the sites showing the rumours.

Does your Mac display horizontal lines?

December 11, 2007

If your Mac is suffering from problems with broken thin black horizontal lines, appearing at random intervals, as well as redraw problems then Macworld’s Mac911 article may hold the answer. If your Mac has an ATI Radeon X1900 XT (Rev. 1) graphics card then it maybe over-heating.

Follow the advice in the article which may help to solve the issue, if this fails then the next step it to contact Apple. It’s been reported that sometimes Apple is prepared to swap the card for a Rev. 2 version which seems to resolve the problem.

More details can be found in this Mac911 Article.

If you are suffering with this annoying issue hopefully the above steps will provide you a with solution.

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Tomb Raider comes back to the Mac

December 10, 2007

Lara Croft finally returns to the Apple Mac, in a soon to be released new game entitled: “Lara Croft, Tomb Raider Annivesary

Billed as her biggest adventure to date amazon.co.uk shows a release date of 10th December 2007, but at the time of writing is not yet showing as being in stock. You can order it from Amazon using this link: Tomb Raider Anniversary for Mac

Inside Mac Games have details of the news release here.

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